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Dr. Katz Discusses Ingrown Toenails

Dr. Katz Discusses Ingrown Toenails?

Ingrown toenails are caused from your nail curving into the side of your skin on the toe.  You may notice pain but no other problems at the beginning. You may have pain especially when wearing shoes.  As time progresses, you will likely develop redness, swelling and increased pain.  

As the condition worsens, you may note that redness and swelling of the toe increases and thick yellow drainage starts coming from the toe.  This is an infected ingrown toenail and requires immediate attention.  In severe cases, red a red streak may course from the toe onto the foot indicating a more severe infection or cellulitis.   

To avoid these infections, seek care from your podiatrist when you experience the more minor symptoms.  If you delay treatment the infection can become severe and may require oral antibiotics and other care.

Ingrown toenails can be hereditary as you may inherit a curved shape to your nail which can eventually lead to pain.  Other causes include trauma, toenail fungus and improper cutting of the nail.  You should avoid trying to cut deep into the corner of the nail.  Cutting deep into the corner may give you temporary relief but usually a portion of nail remains and leads to infection.  This is known as “bathroom surgery”!  Cutting into the corner is often done when you get a pedicure and is a common source of infected ingrown toenails.

Treatment of underlying problems such as fungal nails is important to help avoid worsening ingrown toenails and nail deformities.

Treatments at home include soaking, antibiotic cream and bandages to protect the toe.  In the office, the toe is cleared of infection and you may have a small portion of nail removed.  This small piece of nail must be removed to effectively stop the infection.  

For those of you that get frequent ingrown toenails, a permanent nail procedure is the best option. This permanent minor procedure or matrixectomy is done in the office with a local anesthetic and requires no incision or stitches.  Success rates are over 95% and this is one of the most common office procedure performed in a podiatry office in all age groups.

If you suffer from ingrown toenails, call Dr. Marc Katz in Tampa today for the most advanced treatment available and with the smallest amount of down-time.  

Call now to get your ingrown toenail treated quickly!

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