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ANKLE and FOOT – Center for Advanced Podiatry

ANKLE and FOOT – Center for Advanced Podiatry

Ankle and foot pain has become very common in the general population.  At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, we continue to see increasing numbers of people with ankle and foot injuries and pain.  This is likely due to the fact that we live in Florida and many people are very active outdoors and are able to participate in sports and athletic activities all year long.  Other common reasons for ankle and foot pain include the rise in obesity, people living longer and improper shoe support leading to an unstable ankle and foot.

The weekend warriors are out in force every weekend and many ankle sprains, foot injuries and fractures are the result  With lack of gradual training, going out and giving all you have on the weekends is a recipe for ankle and foot injuries, also known as overuse injuries.  In our office we see sore swollen ankle joints, heel pain and arch pain from overuse.  With shoes that lack support, these ankle and foot problems become much worse.  At Advanced Podiatry in Tampa, we can help you choose the correct shoes and make you customized orthotic insoles or arch supports that will help you heal quickly and help prevent future injuries.

If you want to be active and prevent ankle and foot pain and injuries, see a podiatrist for an exam.  We typically will teach you how to prevent problems before they start.  This will allow you to stay active with no down time.  You can keep running, playing sports, working out, walking and working in your garden without foot and ankle pain.

So what options do you have available for treatment?  In a typical podiatry office you will be offered similar treatments such as cortisone injections and surgery.  At Advanced Podiatry we provide you with many types of non-cortisone injections.  The treatments are known asProlotherapy.  These treatments allow our doctors to rebuild, strengthen and heal your tendons, ligaments and joints without cortisone and surgery.  For years we have been relieving our patients of their painful ankle and foot problems with this safe form of “regnerative medicine”.  We rebuild your weakened painful ligaments in our office with minimal down-time.

We also offer you the most advanced ankle and foot treatments in the Tampa Bay area.  We have patients that come from all over the state and other states for their care.  Some of our advanced technologies include Cryosurgery, EPAT, Musckuloskeletal laser and minimally-invasive in office surgical techniques.

You deserve the most treatment options available for your ankle and foot pain.  You deserve a fast return to your activities without techniques and procedures that can cause more harm than good in the long run.  Come see us at Advanced Podiatry for ankle and foot relief, a second opinion or for all of your kid’s ankle and foot problems.

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